Affiliate Marketing

Advertise products and earn commissions on every sale!

You don't have to produce and sell your own product to make money.  Just recommending products and services to others can be very lucrative.  Many top earners do exactly this to rake in five or six digit incomes.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Almost every company needs to market, and advertising is expensive.  What's more, not all campaigns are successful, so a lot of money can be wasted without getting the much needed result.

Many companies are therefore more than happy to pay a commission to anyone who can get them a sale.  It makes a lot of sense, because they are only paying the advertising fee after they have made a profit.

What this means to you is that you can earn that commission.

You start by signing up with a company to become an affiliate, and create an account with them.  Then, you simply write about, talk about, recommend or advertise a company's product or service in whatever way the company allows.  You direct interested people to purchase through a website link that is specifically coded to you.  Every time someone makes a purchase through your particular link, it is tracked, and your commission is recorded.  Depending on the company, you get paid either monthly, or when you reach a certain threshold ... or whatever you have agreed with them.

There are thousands and thousands of companies willing to pay affiliates for getting them sales, and some will even pay for leads.

The magic of affiliate marketing is that you probably do it every day without even realising it!  Every time you are happy with something you use, you naturally recommend it to others.  The only trick is to get people who want to buy to do so through your link, and that can easily be done by setting up a simple website or emailing it to people.

Word of mouth and personal recommendation is still the most effective way of advertising.

Finding The Right Companies

There are several ways you can go about getting started with affiliate marketing.  With many, you will need to be approved before being allowed to join, so a little research is helpful.

Company Websites

You will often find a link for affiliates on a company's website.  If you really love a product or service, and you can't find an affiliate program, contact them and ask them.  If you believe you can make it worth their while, they might start one for you.

Affiliate Networks

There are organizations set up to manage affiliate advertising, and to put companies and affiliates in touch with each other.  You (the publisher) create a free account with one of these networks, and then can apply to a company (the advertiser) to become an affiliate.  These networks have a large range of advertisers available, and they manage payments.  This means you get paid one lump sum for all the commissions you have earned from any advertisers in the network.  Simple.

You might require a website in order to join some networks ... just check the terms and conditions first.

Local Companies

If you believe you can makes sales for them, you can approach local companies and offer your services.  You would need to set up some sort of contract, and have some way to track the leads or sales you generate.  This might work for businesses such as real estate agents or tourism outlets, just to name a couple.  Think outside the square and many opportunities will present themselves.

Getting Started

Make a list of your favourite products and services, and then do some research to see if any of these companies have an affiliate program. 

If you have a blog or a website, see what companies in your niche (the subject you write about) encourage affiliates.

Join an affiliate network and have a look around.  You'll find more information about some networks on the right hand side of this page.

The most important thing is to start opening your eyes to what is out there.  Once you start being aware of affiliate opportunities, you will start to find ways to make money.

Wishing you every success!

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