Content Revenue Sharing

Get Paid to Put Content on Popular Websites

Are you talented at writing? Maybe you can create entertaining videos?

It's a huge asset to be able to create interesting and engaging content, but the problem for most people is that it's difficult to get that content seen. The internet is a vast place. Often creative people don't have the knowledge, time or inclination to spend a large percentage of their time promoting their work across the web.

An excellent alternative is to put your unique content onto a revenue sharing authority site.

What Is a Revenue Sharing Website?

Most popular websites encourage members to contribute by way of comments, posts, articles and so on. This creates interest for the individual member, other members and casual visitors. Consequently, the traffic increases and so does the income made by those websites.

A revenue sharing website allows you to earn money from the content you submit to them.

Instead of paying you directly for that content, they earn income from ads placed on your work, and share this money with you.

The benefit to the website itself is that it is constantly being updated with fresh, quality content. It only has to pay for that content if it has already earned money from it.

More importantly, the benefit to you is that your work has a much greater chance of being seen because the website gets placed high in search engines.  Other members will also be able to see your creations.  What's more, your content still belongs to you ... you can remove it from the revenue sharing site any time and do with it what you will.  The other great benefit is that this is a passive income - once you have written your article or made your video, it can continue to earn for a long time without you having to do anything else.

The downside to revenue sharing websites, besides the fact that you have to share your profits, is that the payment is usually quite low.  You may only make a very small amount or perhaps even nothing for content unless it gets a huge number of hits.  For this reason, it's important to create items that can pass the test of time.  For example, a current news story will get a lot of hits immediately, but then nothing, whereas a how-to instructional piece can engage audiences for years.  Also, hits (visits to your content) can be seasonal and can change with search engine changes, so income can vary.

The good thing is that if something isn't working, you can always remove it and sell it elsewhere.

Getting Started

There are hundreds of revenue sharing websites out there.  Some are amazing and some are next to useless.

On the right hand side of this page you'll find information on some of the more established, reliable sites.

It helps to have already joined Google AdSense, as often you link your AdSense account and earn directly through Google.  If you're not a member though, don't worry.  Many sites, like HubPages for example, will allow you to join AdSense once you have written a few articles, and also have their own Ad Program.

Content revenue sharing isn't the way to fast money, but if you put in a little effort now, over time it can become a steady source of fairly reliable income.

Wishing you every success!

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