Cost Per Action Marketing

Get Paid to Advertise and Find Leads

Cost per action marketing might initially look confusing, but it is possibly one of the simplest ways for a beginner to make money on-line.

Companies need to get their brand out into the public, to be seen as many people as possible.  Usually people don't buy something the first time they see an ad, but the more they see it, the more they remember it.  What's more, if they are interested enough to give their details to the advertiser, then this gives the advertiser a valuable lead.

This is where cost per action (often called CPA or cost per acquisition) marketing comes into play.

Many companies are prepared to pay money for genuine leads! 

For the enterprising person, this can be as simple as getting a click through on an ad.  It could also be having someone fill in a form to request more information, to win something, to sign up for a newsletter, to register, or to ask for a quote or to be contacted.  It can even be obtaining a double opt-in through email.  Ultimately it can be getting the sale, but usually the required action is free to the customer.

Cost per action is similar to affiliate marketing, but where affiliate marketing almost always depends on your making a sale, cost per action pays you for proof of effective advertising. 

It takes display advertising that step further, as it requires a little more commitment of interest from a potential customer.  As a result, the results are valuable to advertisers, and CPA marketing can pay extremely well.

Cost Per Action Networks

To get paid for cost per action marketing, you first need to join a CPA Network. 

Advertisers (companies who need customers) and publishers (you) are introduced to each other through a CPA Network.

Here's how it works ...

Once you register to join a network, and are approved, you will be allocated an Affiliate Manager, and will be given access to a number of advertiser offers. 

These might be in the form of ads or widgets that you can then place these on your website, in emails, on social media or advertise them in any other way allowed by the advertiser.

Another type of offer will show the advertiser's website, where a customer registers for maybe a free sample or a quotation or more information.

Sometimes customers need to sign up to get a product after they pay a small shipping fee.

Each action made by a customer you refer is tracked by cookies and codes, and attributed to you.

So, the important part for you is that every time someone completes the required task, you get credited in your account.

Once you have reached the payment threshold, you get paid.

Getting Started

To join a CPA Marketing network, you will most likely need the following:

  • An idea of how you intend to market your potential cost per action campaigns. 
  • A website or landing page - that is, somewhere where you can place ads. 
  • A phone for identification verification.
  • Identification documentation, such as a passport or drivers licence, for verification.

You will be asked a number of verification questions, as reputable networks are very careful to avoid fraud.

Once you have registered and been accepted, you'll be allocated an Affiliate Manager.  This person can be your best friend when it comes to CPA.  He or she can offer you advice, get you more money and give you access to the best offers.

On acceptance, you'll also be given access to the numerous offers available to promote.

Your job is to find clever and effective ways to market them. 

If you need some help to get started, here are some popular ways to promote cost per action marketing offers.

Wishing you every success!

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