CPA Promotion Ideas

Cost per action marketing makes you money when you successfully promote offers that require someone to do something.

Once you have joined one or more networks, and you have offers available, you're going to need a way to get people to see them. 

You have a choice of either sending visitors directly to the link of the offer, or to create a landing page.  A landing page is a single page reached after someone clicks on an ad.  It usually contains sales copy about the offer, and it is specifically designed to encourage the reader to proceed with the offer.  Landing pages usually work better.  If you're not web savvy, there are services (free and paid) to help you create them.

As every offer is different, and it's an ever-changing market, what works one time might not work again.  It really is a matter of researching your targeted market, testing, testing, testing, and trial and error.

Track your links and traffic so you can see what's working.  If you don't track, you won't learn.

Remember, CPA is very competitive, and other affiliates will spy on successful marketers and steal your campaign ideas.  If you come up with a brilliant campaign ... keep it to yourself!  Hide your links if possible and keep a low profile.  Otherwise your methods will be used by everyone and will no longer be effective.  Trust no-one!

Here are some of the ways affiliates promote CPA offers:

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) 
    Use a network to place your ads online based on keywords you choose, and pay only when someone clicks on one of your ads.  Because of the keywords, ads will only show on websites relevant to your offer.  You have probably seen ads like this on Facebook or Google, for example, and on many websites through Adwords, Bing Ads and other display advertising programs.  It can be confusing to learn, and strongly competitive, but it's also very lucrative if done right.  The advice is to do plenty of research before spending money on PPC.

  • PPV (Pay Per View) / CPV (Cost Per View)
    Cheaper but much less effective than PPC, with PPV you pay when someone simply sees the ad.  This is usually in the form of a pop up on relevant websites.  Like PPV, you run your ads through a network such as TrafficVance or LeadImpact, and you need to be prepared to pay in advance.

  • Display Advertising
    Buying advertising space online and placing your ads in that space is called display advertising or media buying.  Your ads receive views known as "impressions".  It is easy to do and manage, but very important that these ads are in places where the audience will be interested in your offer. 

  • Social Site Advertising
    These are the ads you see on Facebook, Twitter and the like.  You approach the site directly - usually you'll find a link with information.  You can purchase ads to specifically target your wanted audience.  There are a lot of ads in social media, so yours has to stand out and be engaging to get a conversion in social media. 

  • Email Advertising
    If you already have a legitimate mailing list, or are prepared to put in the work to build one, email marketing can be an effective way to promote CPA offers.  Avoid spamming and make sure you do everything legally.  Many CPA networks will require to be added to your subscription list so they can monitor what you are doing.  Another option is to pay to place your ad within someone else's mail-out. The downside to this method is that, if it's successful, it's easy for the list owner to duplicate and cut you out. 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    This involves creating websites in a specific niche for an offer, or for a category of offers.  You need to develop them in such a way that they are found and displayed by search engines so that they get traffic.   There is a lot of information available about search engine optimization.  The other option here is if you already have a website or blog that ranks well, placing your CPA offers on your site can increase your earnings.

  • Incentive Marketing
    This means offerng someone cash or a reward to carry out the required action of your offer.  Most CPA offers don't allow incentive marketing, or if they do, the payout is low.  If allowed you can use work marketplace websites like Mechanical Turk to recruit workers to fulfil offers, or approach incentive based websites.  However if the leads aren't genuine, you won't be paid for them even if you've already paid your workers.  Alternatively, if you have something to offer such as a sample or eBook, you could offer it in return for the action being carried out.

  • Content-Locking
    A content locker requires your visitor to complete the action required by your offer in order to continue on the page.  Content locking is offered by a growing number of networks such as my favorite -  PeerFly.  Once completed, the page will then restore normal access or you can redirect your visitor to another URL.   Ideas for use of content locking might be to allow visitors access to videos, instructional guides, software downloads, free trials, cheats and codes ... pretty much anything that people need and want.

  • Offline
    You will usually need to get permission from your network to promote offline.  The reason for this is that local laws regarding advertising can differ greatly from place to place, so it can be risky.  Campaigns might include classified ads, business cards or flyers. 

Some people earn thousands and thousands of dollars with the correct campaign, so it's worth experimenting with one method at a time, and learning what does and doesn't work.

When you hit the right method, you will see the money.

Wishing you every success!

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