Display Advertising

Get Paid to Show Ads

Advertising is everywhere, but companies just can't put their ads up wherever they like.  They need to pay the owner of the place where the ad is displayed.

Companies pay a lot for billboards, signage, television, radio and print ads.  In fact some people are able to cash in just by displaying posters or advertising on a house or business.

For most of us, this isn't possible, but anyone can still own (and cash in on) part of the busiest place in the world ... the internet.

By allowing businesses to place their ads on your websites, blogs and other digital media, and bringing traffic (visitors) to those sites, you can make money.

Types of Display Advertising

Private Advertising

The most lucrative method of display advertising is to approach advertisers directly.  If you are able to offer advertising space that they feel is valuable, they might even approach you!

To do this, you will need to prove that your website or blog attracts plenty of visitors who are highly targeted to the advertiser's product or service.  For example, an airline might partner with a popular travel site in order to advertise.

When starting out, and while you're still building traffic, you may not be able to make private deals until your business grows.

Once you're website is big enough, don't be afraid to contact advertisers.  Under the right circumstances, some will pay thousands for a single ad!

Display Advertising Networks

A much easier and more popular method of displaying ads on your websites, blogs, videos and so on, is to use a display advertising network.

These networks bring together advertisers (companies wanting to promote themselves) and publishers (people with websites and other digital content).

You begin by registering with one or more display advertising network.  Once approved, you can choose a range of types of advertising to suit your needs and the space you have available.  You place some code on your page, and get paid for impressions, click throughs or both.   Advertisers pay the network, which in turn pays you.

By far the most well known display advertising network is Google AdSense, but there are many, many others.  Each offers its own type of advertising, and varying degrees of financial reward.  For example you can place AdSense not only on pages but also on YouTube videos, while some networks provide deep paying links to text within your content, and others offer complex and clever widgets.

Getting Started

First you need somewhere to place ads.  The best way is to have a website or blog on your own domain, as this will help you to get approved.  The higher the traffic, the more impressions you will receive, and the more likelihood of a click.

Once you are ready, there are a number of direct advertising companies listed on the right hand side of this page for you to investigate.  Find one that suits your needs, register and start placing your ads.  Often using two or more will maximize your revenue, so don't be afraid to experiment and see what works.

The great thing about display advertising is that you can continue to earn a passive income for as long as the ads are being seen.

Wishing you every success!

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