Turn your skills into cash!

A freelancer is a self-employed person who hires him or herself out to complete specific tasks.

The great thing about beginning work as a freelancer is that it needs no upfront payments or investment.  It's just a matter of finding the work and getting started.

The downside is that there are many freelancers already out there, so there is a lot of competition for work.   This can make work harder to get.  It also means that people needing work are prepared to work for less,  so it can drive down prices to a point where it's not worth your time.

Having said this, freelancing can be very lucrative if your work is of a high standard.

Many people think of freelancing as writing, but there are many other skills also required by people who are willing to pay good money for them.

If you can make the effort to become an expert in any given skill, you will build up a base of customers coming to you for help.  The better you are, the more you can ask for your skills.  This is how many freelancers make an excellent full-time income.

Types of Freelancing


Use your skills to create articles, blog posts, printed books, ebooks, newsletters, press releases, advertising copy, brochures, booklets, reports, guides, white papers and package information.

Proof Reading and Editing

Often people like to write their own copy, but need someone with an expert eye to read it, find any errors and offer suggestions for improvement. 


Many companies and individuals require accurate translations from one language to another of a wide range of written and audio material.  If you are fluent and competent in two or more languages, and have the necessary talent, you are likely to find work.

Graphic Design

Use your creative flair and skills to work in web design, advertising, print design, signage, product packaging, info graphics, corporate logos and branding, business card design, vectors and videography.


Particularly in demand is expertise in programming for open source web applications that are available to the general public.  Many people without programming skills use these, so they need help programming specific requirements.  Wordpress  - especially in creating Wordpress themes and plug-ins,  HTML, PHP, Joomla or Ruby on Rails are some examples.  Creating mobile apps can also be lucrative.

Internet Marketing

Clients are looking for experts to manage all, or aspects of, their online marketing.  The ability to make sales will definitely bring in the money.  Search engine optimization, website conversion optimization, and marketing aptitude using social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are in demand.  Other skills you can utilize could be in managing or consulting on pay per click and other advertising campaigns, mobile advertising, copywriting, email marketing, powerpoint and video presentations, blogger outreach, guest posting and public relations.

Customer Service

Often professional customer service is required by people who don't have a physical office but want to be available to their clients.  Freelancers with a good knowledge of a company's products or services can provide on-line or telephone customer service.

Virtual Office Services

Most skills needed within an office can be utilized from home.  Companies and individuals hire freelancers with expertise in accounting, taking phone calls, transcribing, carrying out online research, data entry and secretarial duties.

Getting Started

The best way to begin promoting and managing your freelancing services is to register with a company that connects freelancers with customers.  Down the right hand side of this page are links to more information about a number of these companies operating online. 

The easiest way to learn about them is to sign up for free and have a look around.  Of course, freelance work isn't limited to the examples given above, so you can use these sites to see what's needed, what's trending and what's paying.

Once you are established, you could even set up your own website so you can deal directly with your customers.

Wishing you every success!

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