Video Marketing

Use the incredible power of video to earn commissions, clients and traffic.

Every day, millions of people turn to the internet to find solutions to problems.  Millions more seek information about everything from the latest technology to a special recipe for cookies.  Millions of others simply want to be amused or generally entertained.

One of the best, most effective ways of communicating to these people is by using images and sound.  The human brain naturally processes visual stimulation better and faster than written text.  Videos have been proven a far more effective way of conveying a message than written text.

What all this means for you is this ...

If you can create engaging, useful videos to cater to this constant stream of visitors, you will have a guaranteed audience for whatever you want to show them.  You can use video to promote affiliate products or services, or to attract loads of visitors to any website you choose!

Types of Marketing Videos

There are several different ways to use video to market to potential customers.

  • Demonstration of Products
    An example of these would be the infomercials you've seen on television.  The basic formula is to recognise a problem, show how ineffective (and possibly expensive) other solutions have been, and then to demonstrate how one particular product is THE solution.  Once you have been shown that the recommended product is also a bargain, you are told where and how to buy.  Infomercials have been broadcast since television began ... because they work.

  • Instructional Videos
    Explain and show how something is done or made, then provide handy links to any items or equipment that the viewer might need to purchase.  Of course, make those links point to your products or affiliate products so you get a commission.  Alternatively, show your clients how a service is carried out so that they will be more interested in purchasing from you.

  • Testimonials from Happy Customers
    Ask some of your satisfied customers if they would mind recommending your business on camera.  Positive comments about your products, services or business are gold.  If potential clients can see that others are happy with whatever you are offering, they will automatically be more open to purchasing it themselves. 

  • Enhanced Sales Letter
    If you already have good sales copy, you can reach a much wider audience if you record it on video.  All you need to do is feature the text of the letter, perhaps slightly animated or in different fonts to create interest, and add a voice-over reading the text as it appears.

  • Guided Tour Video
    If you can take your potential customers behind the scenes of your business, they are going to feel like they know you, and will be much more comfortable about doing business with you.  Often clients only see a reception area.  They are much more likely to trust you if they have an "insider" look at how your products are made or your services are performed, and get to know the real employees behind your business.

Video Sharing Websites

The easiest way to quickly get your videos in front of a large audience is to use a website that allows you to upload and share your work.

By far, the most famous of these is, but there are other very popular sites.  You'll find some of these listed on the right hand side of this page, with links to more information.

Another place where you can share your videos is, of course, Facebook.  You can either upload them directly, or share videos you have uploaded onto another site.  If you're lucky, a video can go viral and be shared over and over by others without you having to do any further promotion.

Getting Started

Obviously the first thing you need is the ability to make a video. 

Today's technology makes it really very easy for anyone to film, edit and upload a video online for the world to see. 

For instructional videos, sometimes it's useful to be able to record what you are doing on the computer screen as you do it.  This is where screen recording software comes in handy.  For this, you might start by having a look at Camtasia Studio or Screencast-O-Matic.

Your videos will be more appealing if they have a high quality look and feel. You might want to consider having them made professionally if the potential sales will justify the expense.  Proper light and sound for live action videos (that is, videos with live actors or demonstrators) can be especially beneficial, particularly if a product needs to be demonstrated in the best way possible.  Paying for production may not be an option for beginners, but definitely keep it in mind for later on as your business grows.

Video marketing is very big business if done properly.  It's well worth making the effort to research what is already being marketed and what sort of videos are getting the most visits.  Check out the competition is doing, follow their lead and learn, and keep an open, imaginative mind.  In no time, you can become the leader, and the results can be very profitable indeed.

Wishing you every success!

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